Legumes: excellent allies.

The grandparents called them “the meat of the poor” but thelegumes, are highly healthy foods and essential for our nutrition supplying our body with complete proteins.

Useful to lower cholesterol levels and to prevent different types of cancer, rich in iron, vitamins of group B…. And then let’s face it, they’re good!!

You can cook in a thousand different ways, from appetous soups to delicate velvety, and can also be found in the form of “pasta” and shortbread or salty snacks. These last useful for those who follow a vegetarian diet or for diabetics and celiacs but really good for everyone.

Us at Saporita always try to find goodies that can marry the health with the palate and this is why today we present the company Agricola “Il Casale 1485” and “Legù”.

Casale 1485 takes its name from the Casale delle Macchie, a small village located in the highlands of Colfiorito, in one of the most evocative natural ecosystems in Umbria. The inhabitants of these areas, thanks to the particular climatic conditions, specialized in the cultivation, first of all, of thelentils, which at these altitudes find a privileged habitat, and thereafter of chickpeas,chickling vetch, roveja, spelt, beans, barley. These cultivations have the characteristic of growing well even in poor soils, and being very resistant to the cold, they provide a good harvest where other crops fail.

Yes Products that historically do not require the modern chemical treatments.

Eva and his family, they run this company with love and passion and we guarantee that the result is in their products.

The spelt cous cous and corn polenta ready in 5 minutes are the products that amazed our customers in the shop, but the star of the farmhouse is undoubtedly the roveja.

The roveja proposed by Casale1485 is an ancient variety of legume a very widespread time in Umbria, but that today, also because of the approval of the productions is almost extinct. Its cultivation is exclusively niche and has been reintroduced in very small from farmers who want to rediscover it and retain its typical.

The characteristic of roveja umbra is the multiplicity of nuances of color: grains from the same crop can, in fact, be of a pale green or an intense green, brown, but also with reflections tending to blue and purple. The roveja is very good cooked like soup, along with laurel and tomato or with potatoes, but also as an appetizer, accompanied by vegetables.

But in everyday life, when the time is short, Legù has created a fabulous pasta“, snacks and shortbread made entirely from legumes flour.

Monica, creator and owner of Legù, is attentive to every detail, sensitive to needs of all.

The pasta cooks in a few minutes and stays at the tooth, it can be seasoned with any gravy.

The snacks Classics or ginger They are ideal for a hearty and at the same time tasty snack, as well as the sweet alternative shortbread that has nothing to envy to the shortbread with classic flour.

And soon in shop you will find the legumes flour, will allow you to produce pizza, pasta, cakes in a short time and appetizing result.

These products allow vegetarians, sportsmen, diabetics and celiacs to be able to eat well and get a proper protein intake.

We made you come hungry?! All you have to do is try.

Enjoy your meal

Ilaria – Saporita

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