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Polenta taragna

The Christmas holidays are over but the cold and some of that convivial atmosphere remains. What could be more beautiful than those evenings or Sundays in polenta company?

Easy, cheap, good and Hot!

The only note out of the chorus it’s patience, but not everything can be perfect!

So let’s get so good patience and let’s start working on this farmer dish.

A poor dish originally which accompanied other foods as a substitute for bread.

Since 1700 it is the typical dish of Northern Italy, it can be served hot, cold, grilled and fried.

We arrive from a boat in Valtellina and thanks to the friends of the Tabernario Sondrio (where we recommend you go to eat the delicacies of Deggio and Pena and to drink the specialties of Cacho) we have selected for you two special varieties of flour: wholemeal corn flour and the mixture (wholemeal corn flour and buckwheat) to make you and the famous Polenta Taragna…… and of course we have the inevitable Valtellina Casera D.O.P. cheese.

For the lazy we recommend the pre-cooked corn Polenta of the farmhouse Il Casale 1485 by Mrs. Eva in Umbria (of course you can find it among our selections).

Here are the secrets to getting a perfect polenta:

  • TIME – Do you like clump-free, creamy polenta? Here, to get it you have to set aside the hurry and, after pouring the flour into the pot with water and salt, slowly mix with a whisk until the end of cooking.
  • FLOUR – Select the flour with which you will prepare your dish. We will never tire of repeating it, quality always rewards. Prefer wholemeal flours, which give taste and scent to your dish. For example, in Lombardy, the mixture of corn flour and buckwheat from which Polenta Taragna is obtained is much used. While in Veneto white corn flour is used to accompany the fish. And in the south a finely ground corn flour is used and the polenta is then fried.
  • THE POT – Polenta should be cooked in the pair, if you don’t have the pair in a copper pot. Copper allows even cooking, allowing the corn to cook perfectly.
  • DOSES – 4 liters of water for each kg of flour. For four people, 500g of flour is enough. Consider that the more the flour is raw and the more water it will take.
  • SALT – The salt should be put in the water while it heats up then taste before pouring the flour. It is always better a little sweeter, eating a salty polenta would be disgusting. We also consider that to polenta we will add cheeses or sauces that will give further flavor to our dish.

What now?! Have fun matching polenta!!

On Sunday we will eat it with the Valtellina Casera D.O.P and with excellent sauce with porcini mushrooms accompanied, of course, by a good glass of Valtellina Superiore Dirupi.

Enjoy your meal!

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