Saporita Food was born as a store in Chiavari (Genoa), from our passion for good food and for the quality of 100% Italian raw materials.

So we have selected those that we believe are the best producers and products, companies that make tradition coexist with eco sustainability. They are mainly small local and artisan, but innovative realities, where the human relationship and quality are put in the first place. Our products are not sold in the big distribution, this to guarantee you an accurate selection and of absolute quality.

The idea of this site stems from the desire to communicate with more people as possible the need for healthy eating. The importance in the choice of the raw materials with which the foods are made and the methods with which they are processed.

I (Ilaria) was born in Turin and have always been in the trade, Riccardo instead was born in Germany and graduated in gastronomic sciences for passion, even if he works in another sector, we both have Sicilian and Apulian origin, we met in Liguria where there could only be born an activity that would unite Italy in all its gastronomic aspects.

In conclusion, health, respect for the environment and quality are our core values.