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Soft Pizza recipe – Bonci method

Soft pizza recipe

Time required: 1 hour, 20 minutes.

Who doesn’t like pizza?! At our house you have to eat at least once a week and you do not transige on quality. Today we will follow the recipe Pizza soft – Bonci method.
We choose the raw materials carefully, they make the difference (but it is easy to resolve being in the right site 🤗): flour, tomato puree and mozzarella.

This recipe will lead you to a guaranteed result, a high digestibility pizza, soft and light.
The leavening is long, but easy. You will have to arrange to knead the afternoon of the day before to eat your pizza in the evening after kneading it.

to work!

  1. Ingredients:

    500g flour type 0 for bread and pizza
    400ml water
    20mlolive oil
    3 g brewer’s yeast
    1 teaspoon honey
    10 g salt
    Durum wheat flour

  2. We knead

    In a bowl put the flour, melt the yeast in a little water and let’s add the dissolved yeast and the rest of water in the dough.
    We incorporate theoil and honey and knead.
    The dough will remain soft and sticky, it is normal.
    Let stand for 15 minutes.

  3. We bend

    To make the dough and not to stick it to the workbeee we always use the semola replanted with hard wheat.
    Do not underestimate this stage, it will serve to incorporate the air and will make the bubbles form.
    We turn the dough into a previous plan floured with semola, widen slightly with our fingers and proceed with the folds.
    We take the dough from the top and bring it to the center, from right to center, from left to center and from bottom to center and let it rest for 15 minutes.
    We repeat this step 3 times.

  4. Rest

    When you finish the folds, put the dough in a container previously greedt with evo oil and cover it with transparency film.
    We refrigerate for 24 hours in the lower part.

  5. We bake

    The afternoon of the day after kneading, we take the dough out of the fridge and let it acclimatize for an hour always covered.
    After the hour we have the dough in the previously aeted pans, we have it widening slightly with our fingers but without stressing the dough. Cover with a cloth and leave the dough so still two hours.
    After two hours we spread the dough with the fingertips throughout the surface of the pan.
    Then we stuff it with some great tomato purée topped with salt, oil and basil and mozzarella.
    At the end of the two hours we incoat with static oven preheated to 250 degrees. The first ten minutes we keep the oven to the maximum with the pan in the low shelf, the last ten we lower the oven to 230 degrees celsius and move the pan to the central shelf.

  6. Recommendations

    I use sourdough and for 500g of flour use 150g of sourdough to be refreshed.
    Bake the first ten minutes the pizzas with only the tomato purée, the mozzarella you will combine the last ten minutes so that it melts but does not burn.
    Cut the mozzarella a few hours before and put it to drain in the fridge to make it lose the excess liquid.

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